The best way to build chapters is to franchise.

The beauty of franchising is that it offers a system, a unique way of operating that is standardized and built around well-worn and time-tested efficiencies. This is also a business opportunity that itself to numerous questions - especially for those considering trying their hand in a business, maybe for the first time.

With the recent rise in concern for children of incarcerated parent, vast disparities in community resources and gaps in services, SKIP programs are in greater demand. We created the SKIP Franchise Program to expedite services to communities where needed.

Our model provides a turn-key solution to needy communities across America -- all at cost. SKIP, Inc. will provide training, services and over 30 years of experience to communities that service children of incarcerated parents. We believe that we will reach our goal by helping others to achieve theirs. By sharing our knowledge and best practices with others, we will expand the reach of SKIP services to children of prisoners across the nation.
For more information about franchising opportunities with SKIP, Inc. contact our Main Office at:

SKIP Community Resource Services, Inc.
National Headquarters
P. O. Box 250347
Montgomery, AL 36125
Phone: 1-334-281-3721
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