Franchise Year:

2003, Sustainable
CIPs, Special Needs
Teens, Ages 12 to 18
1170 Indian Trail-Lilburn Road
Norcross, GA  30093

Monthly CIP Saturday, Mentoring, Angel Tree, Camp Karater, Project Citizen, Social Enrichment, Socio-Academics, Anger Management, Health and Diet, Family Coaching and Counseling, SKIP Technology Center, SKIP City Management and Communi-Cycle.
Chapter Director:

Gwendolyn Butler
Phone:  770-861-1538
Director Message:
We partner locally with Save The Family Institute, Moreshouse School of Medicine, Morehouse College, McKendree UMC Communicycle, local food banks, businesses, fraternal organizations other community organizations to serve up to 100 children annually. 

We support the development of soci-academic skills, mentor relationships and family interaction as a balanced program for CIPs and their families. Also, we expose CIPs to a variety of cultural experiences to enhance diversity experience and the ability to connect with others.

Our primary focus is to use technology as a primary feature to of our programs.  Teens learn to use computers and technology by maintaining the SKIP, Inc. website and other web-based activities.  Our goal is to help teens plan for the future to become self-sustainable adults.

We encourage teens to be consistent in their participation and welcome their ideas for improvement.