SKIP, Inc. National Headquarters Office
Hope Hull, Alabama

On behalf of the 2012 National Executive Board, I encourage you to consider joining our online community, SKIP City -- it's FREE! 

Our organization is the oldest of its kind in the nation. In spite of being in existence for over 35 years of proven performance advocating for children of incarcerated parents (CIPs), we still need help all across nation. Our goal is that SKIP, Inc. programs and services are available wherever there are CIPs and their families. So we are eager to have you join us in any capacity of which you are able to serve a SKIP, Inc. chapter near you. If there is no chapter nearby, I will tell you what Mrs. Jean Young told me in 1976... "...if there is no agency where you can get help, then start one." 

Since that day, we have been establishing chapters as often as possible, connecting local advocates with opportunities to network with business, corporate and academic partners. Also, there are a number of networking, professional, and leadership development events designed to help advance your personal goals and career.

Check back often to learn of upcoming events and activities throughout 2012 and feel free to contact me or any of the board members for additional information. We are here to serve, so keep Skippin'!

Gloria Jean Canty-Williams