June 20, 2017

Michigan Chapter

Michigan State Chapter

Franchise Year:   2004, Sustainable
Population:   CIPs, Special Needs
Mixed, Ages 6-16
Location:   P. O. Box 2639, Southfield, MI 48037
Programs:   Monthly CIP Saturday, Mentoring, Family Fun Night, Parental Involvement, Food Bank, Angel Tree, Social Enrichment, Socio-Academics, Anger Management, Healthy and Wellness.
Chapter Director:   Marian
Email:  skipmi@skipinc.org
Phone: (248) 376-8259
Director Message:   Background: In the beginning we partnered locally with other community organizations such as the Stewart Learning Academy Public School, Young Lawyer Society of Oakland County, Don Bosco Hall, and Hope United Methodist Church in Southfield, MI to serve 40 to 50 children annually. Through partnering, we are able to provide an enrichment program that ensures the children receive the much-needed attention that is required to keep them on track.

We provide academic and social enrichment, health, mentoring, and family values to the children and their families. We expose the children to cultural experiences that they normally would not get an opportunity to experience. These experiences include trips to museums and exhibits to name a few.

We hold true the values that help shape a good citizen that contribute to the constructive welfare of our Nation. The children are consistent in their participation and welcome the right attention.  The children also share good family values with us and each other. We encourage parent participation and closely keep in touch with the children if we notice they are missing from sessions. This allows us to integrated as a family and let each other know that we can all get through any situation with God’s help and our willingness to be obedient.

We now hold our sessions at Redeemer United Methodist Church, Marshall C. Murphy, Jr., Pastor. We are pleased to announce that our first student enrolled in College in 2018.  Our Prayer Luncheon will be held at Redeemer United Methodist Church, on April 13, 2019, from 11:00am to 1:30pm.