June 20, 2017


Our Programs

“Children are happy when they know someone cares.”

SKIP programs are comprehensive, modular, and customizable. The modular format offers tremendous flexibility, allowing our programs to be administered quickly as a stand alone or fully integrated within other community programs for CIPs anywhere in the U.S.  Which SKIP program is needed in your local community today?

Our goal is to provide programs for CIPs …NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE! Register now for a FREE online introductory session to learn more about SKIP, Inc. programs.
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 Charter Programs

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  Monthly Saturday morning program for children of incarcerated parents (CIPs) and caregivers. This 4-hour session is hosted by community leaders to provide helpful information about community services, self-help programs, local resources and support for CIPs and their families.  Provides activities and learnings that enhance development of socio-academic and decision-making skills for CIPs and their adult caregivers.



The W.R.A.P.S. Afterschool Remediation and Acceleration program providing computer-base tutoring in Writing, Reading, Arithmetic, Performance and Social Skills and Science. Lesson plans include input from the student’s homeroom teachers and coordinated to improve report card grades. Most students show notable and sustainable improvement within the first 2 weeks!



For one full week in the summer, teens develop and improve socio-academic skills.  The acronym for KATATer is Kindness, Assertiveness, Responsibility, Abstinence, Tolerance, Empathy and Respect. A group field trip is scheduled on Day 6 as the highlight of the week a trip to an amusement park, beach, museum, or historic site.  Caregivers, siblings and staff may attend.

in Montgomery, Alabama Only

A 6-Week photography program for teens sponsored by Zenpressions of Atlanta, GA. Monthly projects include outings to various locations for photo shoots. SKIP participants receive a free instant camera and supplies. Free to CIPs.  Click here to see photos taken by teens for recent projects

 Integrated Programs

The values and principles listed below are included
in every SKIP, Inc. Program

“Kids Helping Kids”
Peer Mentors
SKIP “graduates”, high school and college students are trained to lead other children of incarcerated parents and will serve as their Peer Mentors during onsite. Peer mentors are able to share their stories of success with younger Skippers and gives them hope for a brighter future.


Social Education
& Enrichment
Provides essential knowledge for adult life–verbal and writing skills, interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, creativity and techniques for good family living. Skills such as cooking, washing dishes and clothes, ironing, grocery shopping, paying bills, making change, and etc. are taught within a classroom setting.


Career Development Dynamic program activities help children plan for their future and to set career goals that lead them to college.  Students experience work ethics training, applying for jobs, filling out job applications and professional dress. Students are encouraged to pursue summer jobs to earn money while going to school.


Counseling & Coaching SKIP program staff members are highly trained to work with CIPs. All children receive coaching and encouragement from staff to help CIPs cope with separation from their parent(s). For extended services, we refer families to school counselors or other professional services, if required.