June 20, 2017

Start a Chapter

Start a Local Chapter in Your Community

Full Implementation in as little as 3 to 6 months!


The recent rise in demand for SKIP programs has caused our organization to expand its capacity to provide programs and resources to children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers.  Our mission is to build and nurture relationships with public, private and non-profit agencies, as well as faith organizations to collaboratively assure that every child, family, and community have access to the full range of information and services related to supporting the needs of children who have one or more parent in prison.We are now offering opportunities to establish SKIP programs wherever there are children in need! Get Started Here!



  • Click Here to explore SKIP Programs. Choose one or more that may meet a service need in your community
  • Apply with an Application and $300 non-refundable administrative fee. Charter requirements and instructions are written within the Application
  • Applicants that that do not meet the minimum requirements to charter a chapter will be contacted by a SKIP Chapter Advisor.  Our Advisors will assist applicants with a Continuous Improvement Plan at no additional charge.  To reapply, applicants must submit an amended application and a Continuous Improvement Plan in order to be considered for franchise approval by the SKIP Advisory Board.
  • A second application submission will be processed by the SKIP Advisory Board on the second Saturday of every month.  Approval and notification processes are the same for initial and second applications.  However, if the second application for charter is denied approval by the SKIP Advisory Board, applicants may not apply for a charter for a period of one year beyond the date a second application is denied. We strongly suggest that such applicants may require training, services and/or support beyond the scope of SKIP programs.