June 20, 2017

Alabama Chapter

Alabama State Chapter

Franchise Year:    1997, Sustainable
Population:   Children of Incarcerated Parents (CIPs) and their special needs
Mixed age groups, Pre-K to 16
Location:   669 Bush Drive., Hope Hull, AL 36043
Programs:   Monthly CIP Saturday, Afterschool Tutorial & Acceleration, Peer Mentoring, Family Fun Night, Parental Involvement, Food Bank, Angel Tree, Camp KARATer, Farming Project, Project Citizen, Realia Musuem, Social Enrichment, Socio-Academics, Anger Management, Health and Wellness, Family Coaching and Counseling.
Director of Programs:   Andrea Price, Camp KARATer
Chapter Coordinator:   Email:  skipinc@att.net

Phone: (334) 549-9674 or (334) 281-3721

Coordinator’s Message:   We partner locally with Alabama State Board of Education, Mentor Alabama, Montgomery Area Food Bank, Panera Bread, local businesses and fraternal and religious organizations such as United Methodists Women, Jack & Jill, and others to serve up to 150 children annually.

We support the development of socio-academic skills, mentor relationships and family interaction as a balanced program for CIPs and their families. Also, we expose CIPs to a variety of cultural experiences to enhance their exposure and ability to connection with others.

We encourage the SKIP participants to be consistent in their participation and welcome ideas for improvement.