for children of prisoners and their families

More than 2.7 million children in the U.S. have an incarcerated parent and approximately 10 million children have experienced parental incarceration at some point in their lives."(see Rutgers 2014 Fact Sheet). Since 1979, SKIP, Inc. has provided programs and services for children of prisoners and their caregivers.  Our experience and research indicate that many children in America are at the risk of academic failure and poor physical or mental health.  The highest achieving students are those who are supported by their family, school and the community.  Join us in our shared youth vision initiatives to help children across America to become self-reliant, strong and healthy adults. 

Do you know a young person who needs help to improve

  • academic performance
  • behavior and social skills
  • character and self image
  • development of skills required for career and employment
The term "at-risk" often refers to children in a low economic group or victims of poverty.  Today, nearly Each and Every Child in America is at-risk.
  • achieving below grade level academic scores
  • being labeled as socially unacceptable or having inappropriate behavior
  • lacking common sense or understanding values such as honesty, gratitude or self-respect
  • becoming unemployable or non-productive adults
                      WE HELP AT-RISK CHILDREN.
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Programs for behavioral, academic empowerment programs for children who have one or both parents in prison.  Need a SKIP program in your community?  Then,  FRANCHISE.  Start a SKIP chapter today!
SKIP City is an online community for teens ages 13-17.  Come every Sunday evening @6pm eastern time to share your thoughts and ideas with others who understand wazzup.  No grownups allowed! (except the Facilitator)

  Weekly discussion group to help those who take care of a child or children who are victims of parental crime or incarceration.  Find resources and solutions for issues at home, at school or in the community.

Various workshops for educators to learn hot topics and classroom tactics quickly and easily, Topics include: teaching at-risk children, specifically children of prisoners, managing behavior in the classroom, teaching with social media, cyberbullying, increasing parental/caregiver involvement, STEM in the classroom, etc. 


Donate seasonal items

  • Fall - sweaters, jackets or school uniforms
  • Winter - gloves, hats, scarves and socks
  • Christmas - bicycles, toys and sleeping bags
  • gift cards for teens
  • Cash donations  via paypal are acceptable any season

Call 1-334-269-4141 or send an email to info@skipinc.org.


Volunteer with

Mentor AlabamaTM

Our mentors work with the SKIP youth and their caregivers to establish a supportive "circle" of positive relationships around every child.  We also accept mentors trained by other national or local mentoring organizations, but all must be screened by Mentor Alabama.  You may apply online or call us today at 1-334-269-4141.  The application process takes approximately 30 days to complete.
  • mentors and tutors evenings and weekends
  • after school assistance for our instructors
  • donate professional services or technical equipment

To learn more..


Webinar:  "Solutions, Solutions!" For police officers, prison officials, pastors, church groups and other community leaders seeking solutions for teen crime and violence.  Break the cycle of incarceration in your community before it's too late!


Webinar:  "When They Return" defines the process of incarceration from arrest to reunification with the family. Relevant, eye-opening and essential information for assisting returning citizens.

 Webinar:  "Prison Ministry". Break the cycle of incarceration by using Christian principles for liberation and social justice.Create programs inside and outside of prison walls.  Get tools and tactics to ensure your ministers are effective and get results.
Join others in your local community.

It takes a village to raise a child ...and YOU can help!  Join the shared youth
vision and make a difference in your community. 
  • establish a SKIP chapter(FRANCHISE)
  • become a one-time giver or financial partner
  • donate your skills as professional training
  • be an advocate for juvenile justice
  • raise funds for SKIP, Inc.